Wisconsin Dells is a city that is situated in Wisconsin and is partially located within four distinct counties; Sauk, Adams, Juneau and Columbia. It covers an area of four and a half square miles and has a population of around twenty-five hundred residents. The city derives its name from the dells of the Wisconsin River. Wisconsin Dells, along with Lake Delton, forms an area that is colloquially known as “the dells”. As of recently, it has become a popular tourist destination in the Midwest and attracts over five million visitors each and every year. In 1857, the city of Wisconsin Dell was formed and was originally known as Kilbourn City. It was founded by Byron Kilbourn and before its formation the area was a lumbering area. At first, its rate of population growth was slow and there were few residents in the city. This changed when the railroad built a railroad crossing bridge at the city, attracting a ton of new residents. Eventually, tourism became a large part of the city. In a marketing campaign to identify the city with the dells of the Wisconsin River, the name was changed to Wisconsin Dells in 1931. Since then the city has added a multitude of new attractions and tourist traffic has been on the rise ever since.

A popular attraction in Wisconsin Dell is Noah’s Ark Waterpark. This water park was founded by the Waterman family in 1979, when they purchased two hundred feet of frontage property on United States Highway 12. In 1994, it was purchased by the Gantz family who added a number of attractions. Today, the water park is one of the highest safety rated water parks in the country and uses over five million gallons of water. The park has a whole hosts of different rides which include water slides, rivers, wave pools and other types of rides. Some of the rides located here include Jungle Rapids, Black Anaconda, Scorpion’s Tail, Sting Ray, The Plunge, Point Of No Return, Time Warp, Bahama Falls, Slidewinder, Dark Voyage, Kowabunga, Black Thunder, Congo Bongo, The Bermuda Triangle, Big Kahuna, Adventure River, Endless River, Mt. Olympus’s Surf Pool, The Wave, Curse of the Crypt, Bumper Boats, Tadpole Bay Kiddie Kingdom, Octo Explorer, Paradise Lagoon, Noah’s 4-D Dive-In Theater, Miniature Golf and Flash Flood.

Mount Olympus Water & Theme Park is another popular attraction in the city. This combination theme and water park contains four areas; The Parthenon (an indoor theme park), Zeus’ Playground (an outdoor theme park), Neptune’s Water Kingdom (An outdoor water park) and Medusa’s Lair (an indoor waterpark). Mount Olympus Water & Theme Park also contains two hotels on site which are called Pompeii Motel and the Rome Hotel. Roller coasters in the park include Hades, Zeus, Pegasus, Little Titans, Cyclops and the OPA Roller Coaster. Water rides at the park include the Anaconda, Hispaniola Bay, Diamondback, Cobra, Boa, Poseidon’s Rage, Bumper Boats, Huck’s Lagoon, Kiddy City, Tidal Wave, Endless River, Warriors Water Walk, Jaguar Hot Tub, Sacred Well Whirlpool and Mayan Raging River. Other rides in Mount Olympus Water & Theme Park include The Parthenon Arcade, Bumper Cars, Disk-O, Crazy Trolley, Alien Ball Pit, Tea Cups, Spring Ride, Titan’s Tower, Hermes’ Turbo Track, Apollo’s Swing, Helios Track, Trojan Horse, Poseidon Underwater Go-Kart Track and Batting Cages.

Another prominent attraction in Wisconsin Dells is the H. H. Bennett Studio. This historic photographer studio was built in 1875 by landscape photographer H. H. Bennett. It was operated by his family until 1999, when it was donated to the Wisconsin Historical Society. Today, its a popular historical museum. H. H. Bennett started out his career as a photographer in 1865, when he bought a portrait studio. Although there was no demand for portraits, he was able to garner fame by taking photographs of the Wisconsin River Dells. His photography acieved a National level of fame and people from all over the country flocked to the area to get a firsthand look at the Dells themselves. H. H. Bennett was able to turn this into a profitable tourist business by offering the visitors souvenir postcards and portraits. With the money he earned he was able to build a new studio. This is the studio that can be visited today. Now a museum it offers exhibits that are related to photography, such as Bennet’s steroscopic images of the Wisconsin Dells.

Other attractions in the city of Wisconsin Dells include the Rick Wilcox Theater, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Storybook Gardens and Timbavati Wildlife Park, Wizard Quest, Wisconsin Deer Park, Old Abe’s Old Time Portraits, The Sullivan Theater, Lost Canyon Tours, Kalahari Indoor Waterpark, Dells Boat Tours, Original Wisconsin Ducks, Pirate’s Cove Mini Golf, Broadway Dinner Theatre in the Dells, The Tommy Bartlett Show, Army Ducks, Extreme World, Wild West Waterpark, Big Sky Drive In, The Original Dells Experience Jet Boats, Christmas Mountain, Vertical Illusions, Dells Mining Co., Tommy Bartlett Exploratory, Knuckleheads Bowling & Family Entertainment Center, Sundara Spa, Dells Comedy Club, Wild Rock Golf Club, Family Land, Museum of Historic Torture Devices, Wisconsin Dells Water Parks at Chula Vista Resort, Timberland Playhouse, Wiley’s Woods, Riverview Park and Waterworld, Shipwreck Lagoon Adventure Golf, Timber Falls Adventure Golf, Dells 4D Special FX Theater, Holiday Shores Boat Rental and Marina, Beaver Springs Fishing Park, Loony Bin, Dell View Golf Course, Top Secret, Old River Mini Golf and The Ranch Riding Stable. Wisconsin Dells is also home to a number of popular restaurants and hotels. Restaurants in the city include Monk’s Bar & Grill, House of Embers, Moosejaw Pizza & Dells Brewing, Paul Bunyan Restaurant, Famous Dave’s and Essen Haus German Restaurant. Prominent hotels in the city of Wisconsin Dells includes the Atlantis Waterpark Hotel, Riverwalk Hotel, Hilton Garden Inn, Polynesian Water Park Hotel, Skyline Hotel & Suites, Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort and Copa Cabana Resort Hotel.